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Join us at IBC 2015, where we will present our latest version of Beenius 4.2 and other enhancements. Here are some highlights of what Beenius will display at this year’s event in Amsterdam.


Beenius Android TV Application
All you need is an Android TV with installed Beenius Android TV Application and a power cable to enjoy a first class TV experience.  The Beenius Android TV Application is suitable for IPTV and OTT setups. Come and book a meeting for a live presentation with one of our Beenius representatives!

Beenius Android STB Application
In the Beenius Android STB Application a new What’s On screen has been introduced. The end user can now quickly navigate current shows on Live TV. It is a dashboard that shows the currently running programs on the user’s favorite channels, as well as three banner promotions and information on the most watched VOD and live TV content. Visit our stand to see how it works live at stand 14.C30.


Visit Beenius YouTube channel for latest videos.

Beenius Android Wear
Beenius proudly presents an Android Wear from Beenius Everywhere collection. At Beenius stand 14.C30 you will have the chance to try it out and see how wearable it is. The receiving of TV-related notifications is simple and clear and it is compatible with Beenius Android Mobile Application, Beenius Android TV Application and Beenius Android STB Application everywhere and every time.


Beenius QR Code
This is a special edition of Beenius Android Mobile App which is available only during IBC 2015 expo, from 10th of September till 16th of September. All you have to do is scan the QR Code, enter your email and you will have the full and free access to all functionalities of Beenius Interactive TV platform. Visit Beenius stand 14.C30 and try it out.

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Content Discovery
Beenius presents a unified search over content on Live TV Shows, Catchup TV Shows, VOD and YouTube with one click on search bar only. Come at Beenius stand and try it for yourself how the first class user experience.

T-Commerce support
Beenius T-Commerce support enables operator endless possibilities to structure its commercial offer more effectively and in the same time enables viewers` easier access to additional content and additional services with a single click. All of this result in higher customer satisfaction and in the same time brings additional revenue to the operator. To see T-Commerce support by Beenius come to our stand at IBC event.

Visit Beenius YouTube channel for latest videos.

Chromecast support
End users can discover and research content more easily on a mobile device and then fling the selected content to the STB (Linux or Android) or Android-based TV. With use of Chromecast end user can fling a favorite entertainment right to the big screen. Visit our stand and fling it on your own.

We look forward to seeing you at IBC.  Please suggest available times for your team to meet with Beenius representative.


See you in Amsterdam at Hall 14 at stand 14.C30.

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