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Infomir is a company with years of experience, specializing in manufacturing devices for Interactive television service providers and one of Beenius`s value added partners. After participating at CABSAT exhibition they published a short Q&A with their representative Egor Maliarov, which we are sharing in our partner section bellow.

How can you describe CABSAT 2016 and its importance for the region?
CABSAT as it was expected appeared to be a meeting place for cable, satellite and IPTV leading operators. Exhibition hosted 520 companies from countries from all over the world, including: UAE, KSA, Turkey and multiple countries of EU, Africa and Asia. More than 15 000 visitors attended this event during 3 days.

How productive was the CABSAT 2016 for Infomir team?
During the exhibiton we made a lot of new acquaintances there. Most of them are MENA-located. Africa-based companies are especially interested in launching high-quality interactive services, as broadband connection became more affordable there. All in all, CABSAT 2016 was a very useful event for Infomir Company as we managed to create about 100 new liaisons that are eager to co-work, mainly from GCC countries and Africa. The latters are especially interested in interactive services launch, while GCC clients mostly paid attention to MAGic solution offer. Another great acquaintance is Vizyon Developers Company. The integration of MAG250 and MAG254 with company’s Playroom MW enables us to offer PMS Fidelio solutions for hospitality business. Talking about our good old partners, Beenius Company announced the MAG254 integration is ready to use and made a presentation about its benefits.

Which set-top boxes gained the maximum demand?
What we showed on the CABSAT 2016 were the range of our MAG set-top boxes starting from the basic MAG250 and up to the new Infomir’s elaboration MAG352 (4K support and 12 000 DMIPS performance). MAG256 HEVC-set-top box gained the particular interest.

What are your plans for operating in this region?
Seeing such an extensive demand, Infomir’s team will assist MENA market grow swiftly and will support creating various interactive services. We are already working on several projects, which will be deployed in the shortest time. And next year we will present even more elaborations for eve more successful projects at CABSAT 2017.

If you want to learn more about turnkey solutions for the IPTV, OTT or DVB Hybrid deployments please contact Beenius Representative and ask for demo presentation. To learn more about industry and Beenius interactive TV Platform, subscribe to our blog today.

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