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Internet STBs (iSTBs) are the potential replacement of the standard STBs for more than half of consumers, says TGD report.

More than 50% of TV subscribers says that they will or they are planning to buy so called internet set-top box. It will be a replacement for their pay-TV service.

What is Internet set-top box – iSTB?

Internet set-top boxes are built specifically to bring a variety of video services and other applications to your TV set,” says Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. “It should be of no surprise to see such correlations. It is, however, surprising to see the extent to which it holds.”

Can we say that Android STB is even more than iSTB? Beenius presented a Beesmart application for Android STBs.

Android STB White Paper

Read more about iSTB research at TDG and Convergence of TV websites.

Source: TDG research and The Convergence of TV

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