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  • Year: 2015
  • Market: Telco
  • Product: Beenius Interactive TV Platform version 4.2

Iskon was the first provider in Croatia with social media services integrated into the IPTV platform. It was also the first Beenius customer to use its SDK to deliver YouTube and Facebook service seamlessly integrated into the TV GUI. Iskon one of Europe’s pioneers in multiscreen service presentations on the market has developed a stylish TV application for the iPhone/iPad using the Beenius OpenAPI.

Read how the Croatian telco Iskon, which is wholly owned by the incumbent Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT), has expanded in 2015 its superfast internet service from major cities to the whole country. At the same time,  has made its IPTV service powered by Beenius, known as Iskon.TV, available free of charge for a few months.

More information at Beenius web page.

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