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This will be our second show in the North American continent. Visit us at NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas, where you will find out how you can serve the world from the cloud using Beesmart TV middleware. The product is ready to be deployed in US market, as we have added region specific features such as EAS. Expect a versatile interactive TV middleware ready to be deployed in IPTV and OTT environments, serving your customers from your own headend or the cloud.



Build your own global service center

Beesmart TV middleware now fully supports cloud setups. This means that you can easily deploy a worldwide TV service, where you can reach any customer with broadband internet connection from a single distributed service center (a.k.a. cloud). Support for a wide variety of terminal devices offers numerous choices of accessing the service. At the show we will distribute a limited number of promotional accounts for demo Beesmart cloud, so that you could immediately connect to the service and try it out.

Offer your TV service anywhere in the world

If you are looking for a TV solution with over-the-top support, we have a very interesting solution for you. Beesmart TV middleware works perfectly in open-internet environment. It offers support for HLS streaming, access to internet services through widgets and is proven to work smoothly in a cloud. With Beesmart TV middleware you are able to deliver the service to anyone with broadband internet connection while at the same time you skip the CAPEX cost of headend by using internet cloud services.

Connect customers with set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets or PCs

Do not leave anyone excluded from your service! Besides TV sets, today the users expect the service on personal computers, smart phones and tablets. Beesmart TV middleware comes with native support for iOS, Android and HTML environments. The client applications are already developed, therefore you have the power to offer a very compelling service from day one, covering a large variety of popular devices.

Visit us!
Do not hesitate and email info@beenius.tv to book an appointment with our personnel or to request further information.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the NAB Show 2012, hall S4, booth # SU11906A.

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