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We could all agree with Nielsen statement about the growing influence of streaming video on-demand (SVOD) services, time-shifting and social media on the landscape of linear TV and the way people watch their favorite shows.

With Beenius Interactive TV platfrom we enable operators to become Viewers’ First Choice, by providing desired content to your viewer anytime, anywhere on any device with the help of N- screen solution, and other standard but mandatory features, such as Network PVR , Catch-up, Per-user-recordings, Pause and Resume and VOD services.

What about Live TV? Nielsen research stated that live TV viewing remains the standard for sports. According to TV data from Q4 2015, 95% of total sports viewing happens live. While primarily viewers are watching live sports on TV, the sports news and updates are consumed across multiple platforms and comments has moved to social media. While sports events comprised 1.4% of U.S. TV programming in 2015, it contributed close to 50% of all Twitter TV conversation.




We believe that for operators is essential to offer best TV experience with interesting VOD content, binding social features as well as supreme sport TV channels which in high percent will be watched through Live TV.

Don’t waste your time thinking about contacting Beenius Representative today! We all know that the viewers are not waiting till tomorrow.

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