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Magnaquest Beenius webinar

We all know that OTT industry is on the rise after the pandemic hit the world. While everyone is grappling with the menacing second wave, OTT players see an excellent opportunity. People are stuck at home, seeking entertainment, and OTT is where they are increasingly turning to.

Today, OTT has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry not just for the consumer, but also for the artists. More new talent is cropping up every day than ever before, in spite of the global pandemic.

However, the question of how to arm-twist this OTT surge in the post-COVID era, for a thriving business game, stands unclear.

To address this, Magnaquest is synergizing with Beenius at Joint Webinar Session on How to Adapt OTT Service for the Post-COVID era.

We were joined by Sharath Pothuganti, Manager, Product Marketing, Product Specialist, from Magnaquest and Jure Žlak, Sales Director MEA & APAC from Beenius to share critical insights on:

  • Post-Covid OTT Scenario
  • Customer Acquisition Strategies
  • Customer Engagement Solutions
  • Plan Structures for Existing and New OTT Players

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