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Beenius introduces its newly designed GUI – Chameleon – which is more appealing to today’s TV subscribers with its modern and user-friendly design.





Chameleon will be presented at IBC 2013 (Stand 14.121) on the latest version of Beesmart 4.1 Beta – with a new Android STB client, Linux Ekioh STB, and on the Samsung Smart TV.


Beesmart’s Chameleon also introduces new theming possibilities, where the choice of colors, fonts, icons (such as logos), and pictures on the interface is completely up to the operator. The new admin functionality BeeTheme Editor enables prompt and easy customizations according to the operator’s taste and/or market requirements, and puts him or her firmly behind the wheel. This brings advantages such as reduced time for implementation, reduced costs, and gives the operator the freedom to choose the frequency of customizations.


During the course of IBC2013 the BeeTheme Editor will be introduced on the new Beesmart 4.1 Beta with a Linux Ekioh STB.

BeeTheme Editor

Just as a chameleon in nature changes its appearance, Beesmart’s Chameleon enables you to change appearances through the new easy admin customization of colors, fonts, icons, and pictures. Now you can make your own flavor!

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