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Media system integration is the unifying string that gathers all the development milestones for an economically, technically, and user feasible implementation of any IPTV/OTT mechanism.

Our extensive experience in the industry proved that although there are many integrators on the market, not all of them apply their knowledge into good practice. 

Logically, the question asked is: Which criteria should a capable media system integration meet?

We listed a few of them:

  • Good system integration anticipates and plans for any requirements, people, hardware, or user risks. 
  • They help develop internal strategies to ensure smooth development and deployment within the company.
  • They must have experience in cohesive working with variant organizational departments to remain within the stated time and budget feasibility.  
  • Client architecture and presentation logic must be thoroughly developed, and numerous in-lab tests must be done.
  • Prototyping is the benchmark for the evaluation of a project. 

System integration is a wide range of complex and technical activities that culminate in a successful deployment of any OTT/IPTV project.  

At Beenius we deliver integrated turn-key E2E solutions for IPTV, OTT, and Hybrid system, and we empower operators with media system integration, system replacements, project management, In-lab system testing, On-site Hardware, and Software Installation and testing.

Download our ”Industry Trend Paper” to gain a better understanding of Media System Integration

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