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We are welcoming you to join us at ANGA COM 2015, where we will be presenting our solutions for cable service providers.




Watching TV content is enabled on mobile devices, making it possible for viewers` to consume such anywhere and anytime.



T-commerce enables operators to sell different content packages, and service upgrades directly on TV screens. Thus giving operator possibilities to structure its commercial offer more effectively and in the same time enables viewers` easier access to additional content and additional services with a single click. All of this result in higher customer satisfaction and in the same time brings additional revenue to the operator.


Catch-Up TV

When unable to watch a desired program, viewers` will no longer have any dilemma. Every program can be scheduled for recording and subsequently viewed from their personal recording collection. Furthermore, any auto-recorded program doomed to expire can be saved and stored as long as desired. This respects viewers` time schedules and supports their TV video collection! Time shifting is also a part of Network PVR.


On Demand Content Delivery

Video-On-Demand (VOD) increases TV viewing comfort and saves time when it comes to watching a great movie. VOD is one of the biggest advances in interactive TV such as IPTV, in comparison to old fashion analogue TV. This content delivery service enables content categorizing and simple content purchases. VOD enables providers to deliver content in a satisfying and enjoyable way!


See you in Cologne!


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