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6 reasons to visit Beenius and partner Acutek Solutions at NAB Show in Las Vegas

1. Learn how to become Viewers’ First Choice

By visiting Beenius at stand No. SU10522 you will be able to participate at Beenius Demo presentations and learn first-hand how to become the first choice of viewers and operators.

2. Discover how we support US market requirements

Beenius Interactive TV platform supports operators to deliver “Per-user-recordings”, for each recording on NPVR separately and for each subscriber individually. Two separate recordings are made even if two end-users require recording of the same content.
Visit Beenius stand No. SU10522 to discover more about supported US market requirements.

3. Gather information about Multilanguage support

With the Beenius Interactive TV Platform the operator is capable to translate not only the user interface but also the EPG, VOD categories and VOD movies metadata (such as movie title, description, name of director, actors, producers, etc.) into any language he prefers. Beenius enables the translations of all live TV channel names and channel categories, so the viewer can enjoy best TV experience.
Visit Beenius at stand No. SU10522 and gather all the facts.

4. Check out our Chromecast support

Today viewers can discover and research content more easily on a mobile device and then fling the selected content to the STB (Linux or Android) or Android-based TV. With use of Chromecast viewers can fling a favourite entertainment right to the big screen.
Visit Beenius stand at No. SU10522 and check out how you can fling it!

5. Put to the test T-Commerce support

Beenius T-Commerce support enables operator endless possibilities to structure its commercial offer more effectively and in the same time enables viewers` easier access to additional content and additional services with a single click.
Put to the test T-Commerce support while visiting Beenius stand No. SU10522.

6. Participate at Beenius Lucky Draw

This year we invite all companies in the industry sectors of Telco (telecom companies, voice/TV/data service operators), Cable (cable television service operators), ISP (internet service operators), Content Creators and IPTV/OTT System Integrators to participate at Beenius Lucky Draw.

How to participate:

1. Fill out the form on the right to Book a meeting from 18 till 20 April, 2016 with Beenius representative (don’t forget to read Terms & Conditions).
2. At the meeting at NAB Show from 18 till 20 April with Beenius representative, fill out the lucky draw coupon and put in the lucky draw box.
3. Visit Beenius stand at NAB Show on 21st of April at 11AM (PST) when we will draw a lucky winner!

See you soon!

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