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Microsoft held its Windows 10 Devices Event Keynote last week. Event full of surprises definitely exceeded the expectations of many industry observers. Let’s take a look at the most interesting products, which they have unveiled.

The two flagship phones unveiled by Microsoft are Lumia 950 and the bigger Lumia 950 XL. Both phones run on Windows 10 Mobile and feature 64-bit processor, 20 MP camera, USB Type C port and high display resolution screen with a liquid cooling system for its components. Lumias also include support for new Continuum Feature, which will trough help of Display Dock and USB Type-C cable turn a phone into a PC. Because apps for Windows 10 are universally built and the mobile UI will automatically transform to desktop UI.

Deep in the shadow of its bigger cousins, Lumia 550 was also announced. A Windows budget phone for developing countries and cost-conscious consumers. As the lower price suggests hardware and functionalities will be limited but still is part of Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem

Microsoft’s Windows 10 apps universality will bring rapid development of new Beenius apps for various devices running latest Microsoft OS.

Already a very impressing tablet just got better. Surface Pro 4 has a bigger screen without becoming a bigger device and with up to 1TB of storage, 16GB of RAM, it comes with nine hours of battery life and of course it runs on Windows 10. It is accompanied by some very sophisticated accessories, such as; new Surface docking station, new Type Cover and customizable Surface Pen. All together they are a very viable option for professionals.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 apps universality will bring rapid development of new Beenius apps for various devices running latest Microsoft OS.

source: www.microsoft.com

Microsoft’s biggest surprise at event and also the last step away from being just a software company was their first-ever laptop, the Surface Book. It is a hybrid that works as a laptop, but the 13.5-inch screen also detaches to become a tablet. Both stylus and touch input are supported with trackpad made of glass. It is packed with impressive performance and we guess that content creators will love it as the strength of it was demonstrated live on Adobe Premier and it worked beautifully. By the way you get all that with 12-hour of battery life.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 apps universality will bring rapid development of new Beenius apps for various devices running latest Microsoft OS.
source: www.thurrott.com

Microsoft’s newest wearable called Microsoft Band 2 got some major improvements both in design and in capabilities. Band is still mostly impressive fitness-themed wearable controlled by Microsoft`s Health Platform but with smart notifications and new available apps like Uber, Twitter, Facebook, etc. you can see it wants to become an answer to smartwatches.
source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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There wasn`t much said about Xbox One apart from announced update to Windows 10 in the coming days, which will bring host of enhancements to the device. The biggest news that wasn`t mentioned at the event though is that after Xbox One’s television integration in its late 2013 it will finally offer TV DVR functionality. We can expect that TV recording would make the Xbox One an even more attractive media hub than it already is.

Increasing popularity of Xbox has brought it on the Beenius’s radar. Stay tuned to learn when we start supporting it in our product line.
source: www.xbox.com

If you are interested in seeing what else Microsoft has announced, watch the whole show bellow.

After years of legging behind, Microsoft has finally presented a cohesive vision today, one of integrated software and hardware that looks ahead to a future of usable devices and ecosystems. We think this will revive Microsoft as important ecosystems for TV, video and IoT services. This will be interesting to watch more closely. And Beenius will be more than just watching.

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