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Germany, June 2012 – Motama”s IPTV  backbone is now fully integrated into the cloud-based Beesmart solution from Beenius and will be presented at ANGA Cable Show  in Germany, from June 12 to 14.

Beesmart by Beenius is an open, flexible, and feature-rich interactive TV service platform for TV service providers. Beesmart combines a compelling user interface, an intelligent content recommendation system, VoIP services on TV, web TV support, and the ability to host multiple operators on a single service delivery platform. The cloud platform is open for 3rd party development and customizations, and has an extensive multiscreen support supporting a variety of set-top box devices, tablets, and mobile phones.

At ANGACable, Beenius and Motama will demonstrate how this platform can be driven by Motama’s IPTV server products, in particular DVB gateways, transcoders, servers for content delivery and for timeshifting:

TVCaster is a turn-key solution offering all cutting-edge functionality you expect from an integrated DVB receiver, descrambler, remultiplexer, and IP streaming server. TVCaster servers are available for DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T and DVB-ASI.

CodecCaster offers a high-performance real-time transcoding solution for IPTV streams in MPEG-2 or AVC/H.264 format. The world-class encoder of CodecCaster allows for greatly reducing bandwidth requirements of streams while keeping to the original quality, which makes CodecCaster the ideal tool for supporting multiple devices and screens, and adaptive streaming at different bitrates using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and other protocols.

RelayCaster server appliances offer a turn-key solution that enables optimized transmission of IPTV streams. By using the RelayCaster Streaming Protocol (RSP), reliability and data rates of streaming live content along lossy long distance links, such as the public Internet, can be greatly improved. This allows for building your own Content Delivery Network (CND) by enabling cost-effective distribution of live content to remote data centers.

TimeshiftCaster is an IPTV server which allows for compensating for time zone differences by rescheduling live feeds.

For booking a presentation or meeting at ANGACable, Cologne, Germany, hall 10.2 booth B48, June 12 to 14, 2012 please contact Motama GmbH.


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