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Are you a successful service provider who is looking for IPTV/OTT platform which would enable you to rent out the use of Middleware Platform to other virtual operators?

At Beenius we offer you IPTV/OTT platform as a service (PaaS) through which you can host multiple virtual service providers – virtual operators and this way expand your business opportunities.

Key benefits of Beenius TV Platform and its Multi-operator support are:
– PaaS model – middleware as a service;
– Quick and efficient deployment of IPTV/OTT service;
– Rent based on monthly rate to virtual operators;
– OPEX-oriented model;
– Low investment;
– Low operational cost;

Key advantages for service providers when managing virtual operators with Beenius Platfrom are:
– Unique and secure access to the system by Beenius Administration Application;
– System configuration enabled with OB API;
– Virtual operators can managed their content (live TV channels, video-on-demand, products, promotions, and client skins);
– Virtual operators can configure their own subscribers, devices, content, and other entities;
– Virtual operators can be divided into regions (by different geographical regions, access network capabilities, and special content delivery limitations);
– Different regions can be unique by having different client skins, different lists of live TV channels, VOD content, preferred languages, etc.;

Now that you have read the article all you need to do is contact Beenius Representative for additional information about Beenius Interactive TV Platform and selected functionalities.

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