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Integration from Beenius, Verimatrix and Amazon Web Services Support Unique Business Model with Enhanced Video Delivery Features, including Android STBs

IBC 2019, Amsterdam, Sept. 10, 2019 – MultTV, a consortium consisting of 13 ISPs in Brazil, chose to upgrade its shared headend with the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, which enables a multi-operator system with value-added video services. MultTV benefits from the integration with Verimatrix for content and revenue security that supports the wholesale/retail distribution model and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental for its on-premises encoding capabilities.

For this project, BeeniusVerimatrix and AWS equipped MultTV with a platform that supports interoperability with value-added services such as recommendations, targeted TV advertising, Android TV, advanced OTT functionalities, and seamless end-to-end encryption – all of which will facilitate additional future offerings and decrease time-to-market of any service for different MultTV operators.

Beenius utilized the existing E2E IPTV system with Linux set-top boxes (STBs) and enabled MultTV to add new Android-based STBs that are providing additional value, with both devices being managed from the same platform for multiple operators.

By unifying content protection at a centralized headend, the Verimatrix VCAS for IPTV solution enables seamless end-to-end encryption of broadcast channels combined with secure locally originated content in a cost-efficient manner.  

MultTV uses AWS Elemental Live for HEVC encoding of live channels for delivery to MultTV’s customers. AWS Elemental Live is an on-premises solution by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that processes live video for delivery to broadcast televisions and streaming to internet-connected devices. It allows users to easily and reliably compress live video sources into multiple versions for distribution.

MultTV also uses AWS Elemental Conductor Live to easily and efficiently manage their AWS Elemental Live encoders. AWS Elemental Conductor is an on-premises management system for AWS Elemental Live encoder nodes. It allows users to easily and efficiently manage individual encoders or large encoder clusters.

“We were searching for a pre-integrated end-to-end TV platform that would be able to accommodate all the needs of modern TV viewers and also provide support for the multi-operator environment,” said Luiz Gewers, Technical Director at MultTV. “For us, multi-operator support is crucial as MultTV is not an ordinary TV service provider, but a wholesale service provider to many ISPs in the Brazilian market. We choose Beenius, Verimatrix and AWS because they all have more than a decade of experience, long track record of cooperation, and many common satisfied customers worldwide.”

“Beenius’ aptitude to enable and reinforce a multi-operator environment, contributed significantly to the success of the MultTV project,” said Filip Remškar, CEO of Beenius. “Close collaboration with our long-standing trusted partners has brought aggregated value to the project in terms of enhanced interactive TV offering and security. We are excited to be strengthening our market position in Latin America and looking forward to MultTV’s future success.”

“Our ability to support different delivery models, like wholesale/retail, flexible deployment options and our track record in Latin America were key requirements for MultTV,” said Steve Oetegenn, COO at Verimatrix. “Because we offer an end-to-end security platform, we can also easily enable MultTV to add new services and features with all the same efficiencies. We are proud to be working with MultTV and our partner ecosystem on this unique service.”

About MultTV

MultTV is made up of 13 telecommunication entrepreneurs who decided to offer pay-TV services through a shared and self-sustaining infrastructure. Bringing the best of technology to transparent processes, MultTV has a unique model, developed by the experience of its partners, in partnership with SES and support from the NEOTV Association. The shared service is made for providers who want to reach an even higher level by becoming TV operators, and is carefully designed to enable affordable pay-TV offering, with rapid deployment, respecting industry legal and business processes. For more information, visit http://multtv.com.br/.

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