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Although the year 2015 is slowly coming to an end Beenius is not slowing down. Beenius Interactive TV platform is constantly developing and we decided to bring you up to date with the newest improvements on version 4.2.

To the already supported T-commerce, mobile applications with content oriented UI, enhanced advertising and several back office improvements we added few new features.


network pvrNetwork PVR

Current version of Beenius TV platform supports different recording features so that subscribers can watch preferred shows from the past whenever they want. Today operators can create with Beenius Interactive TV platform multiple packages with different network PVR quotas.

Multilanguage supportMultilanguage support

With the latest version of Beenius Interactive TV Platform operator is capable to translate not only the user interface but also the EPG, VOD categories and VOD movies metadata (such as movie title, description, name of director, actors, producers, etc.) into any language he prefers. Beenius also enables the translations of all live TV channel names and channel categories, so the viewer can enjoy best experience.



The latest Beenius client application goes by the name Colibry. The similarities with the animal are not unintentional as the products characteristics are lightness, speed and effectiveness. The application enables excellent user experience with selected set of features and works perfectly with N-Screen devices on Linux based STB.

For more information about Beenius Interactive TV Platform version 4.2. and all the latest enhancements, read document What’s New in 4.2. or contact Beenius Sales Representative  today!

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