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At the Cable Congress 2016, HIS research revealed that the European cable industry is growing, with total revenues up 7.1% year-on-year. Such expansion could also be seen across the entire cable estate, namely Internet via broadband (10%), TV (5.5%) and telephony (7%). (Rapid TV news)

Full convergence of services, networks and screens, powered by the new digital world, is a todays reality and cable operators have to act fast to retain their strong position in the market.  The position of Cable operators in the market can be retained with Beenius DVB-C + OTT hybrid solution.

Beenius empowers cable operators with:

    • Lower cost of the new investment! Beenius Platform fits in any existing ecosystem of cable operators, but cable operators can also select Nuboly for Hybrid Cloud where part of the services are accessible as SaaS cloud-based over-the-top (OTT) service.
    • Growth of end-user base! Cable operators can start offering the needed and always expected Android STB Application support today. The benefits of Beenius DVB-C + OTT hybrid solution for cable operators are already developed Android  and iOS applications as well as Web application.
    • Monetization from your end-users! Cable operators can select among variety of features such as T-Commerce, Targeted Advertising or Catch-up and offer different services to existing and new end-users.
    • No internet, No worries! With Beenius DVB-C + OTT Hybrid solution and Local Autonomy feature, cable operators can offer the best TV experience without any interruptions.


Don’t hesitate and contact Beenius representative today for more information about Beenius DVB-C + OTT solution!

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