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Times when linear TV offering was enough in Cable industry are long gone. Today you first need to modernize your offerings and offer them in bundles if you want to stay attractive to your customers and grow.

Ben Keen the Vice President of Consumer, Media, Telecoms & Displays nicely said on one of his latest interviews, “Triple play is the cable opportunity, not any of the individual services.” His words are backed by first growth in EU cable TV subscriptions after six years of stagnation.

Couple of weeks ago we wrote what operators need to do to catch the viewer`s attention. And the technology that will enable Cable companies to do just that is Hybrid (DVB-X + OTT). Beenius Hybrid Android or Linux enables all the popular features of the Interactive TV, such as; Catch-Up, Recordings, Video on Demand, Multiscreen and many more, all built with the idea of satisfying the needs of your subscribers.

If you share our opinion that you need to offer viewers of today something more, don`t hesitate and contact Beenius Sales Representative today!

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