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The digitisation of television has changed the fundamentals of the television market. Over the last few years, new ways of use have emerged: consumers have become used to recording live programming. Now they expect the freedom to record several channels at once and to watch it on any device, from any location, with access to the full programme even if they missed the beginning or forgot to record by letting them browse backward into the program guide. Users can also simultaneously recording multi-channel, which gives them the control to watch their favourite shows at any time and all that is possible thanks to nPVR.

New solutions are emerging to turn a threat into an opportunity by strengthening the synergies between linear and on demand television services and facilitating the monetisation of on demand programming through advertising. With nPVR shifts the storage capacity of recordings goes from household equipment to servers managed by distributor operator centralised. This ‘cloud’ approach to managing video content is being progressively adopted due to the flexibility given to the editors of TV services, networks operators and consumers.

So, what are the benefits for all involved? Users benefits from an improvement of the recording feature, available on all viewing devices, without bearing the cost of expensive equipment. Record two programmes at the same time is no longer impossible and the storage of recording is no longer limited. From a service provider’s perspective, the nPVR solution offers flexible business model options, optimisation of the cost of digital recordings solutions in comparison with hard drives deployment in homes and manage the services operationally. Investing in its infrastructure enables it to fit into the new environment of video distribution. And never the last for rights holders’ better target advertising based on better monitoring the use of their content and thus better monetise that content.

From Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to nPVR we are witnessing an amazing and superior image quality to the TV recording experience. Never missing a favourite show while not at home is no longer a pain. nPVR recordings can be enjoyed not only on TV, but also on any device inside or outside the home as long as broadband network is available. nPVR is now hitting the market with an equal potential for transforming richness of the Pay-TV experience.

The Beenius TV platform supports different recording features so that subscribers can watch preferred shows from the past and whenever they want. They can watch them within the Catch-up TV time span or record them on the network PVR (nPVR). To limit the recording disk quota (storage space), operators can create multiple packages with different nPVR quotas. Within the client applications, the end user has the option to use his or her available recording quota or buy more space. nPVR is no longer available and expended only in Europe, but also in United States.

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