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Many broadcasters are already in OTT. Why? Is more useful for viewers? Find out how and what is the difference between those two technologies.

“The technical impact of a broadcast television station going completely off-air could also be significant. Becoming an Internet-only broadcaster (also known as “over the top” or OTT), will require a different operational workflow, and creation of a new relationship with station viewers.”

Do you think it’s better for viewers to watch TV content this way? Or do you prefer classic TV stream?

“To receive OTT content, two things need to be provided: an Internet connection, and a method to receive a stream and decode.”

Traditional broadcast signal flow and OTT delivery. Picture by: WES SIMPSON (connect2).
Traditional broadcast signal flow and OTT delivery. Picture by: WES SIMPSON (connect2).


Is there a problem with internet connection? If you have internet at home, there’s no problem, but what happens in you want to watch TV where is no internet connection?

“Mobile devices connected through 3G/4G LTE mobile networks, and may be present on some wired Internet services. Data usage caps are typically expressed in terms of gigabytes per month, with mobile contracts in the 2-10 gigabyte range, and some wired services have caps in the 200-300 gigabyte range.”

Do you have a TV broadcaster in your country that is already in OTT? In Slovenia we have!

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Source for this blog: c2meworld.

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