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As we all know well, the TV experience is changing rapidly from a traditional linear TV, to one which is consumer-driven, mobile – to second screen devices. We already can say that we are living in The Global Living Room.

This year is the first year OTT viewers have surpassed IPTV viewers. Pay TV is at the precipice. TV can no longer call itself a push industry, because viewers are now pulling the content they want.

Beenius is able to lunch an OTT service without the need to deploy costly STB devices and without expensive installation at end-users’ homes. Read more in InBroadcast Magazine.

Beenius also made an OTT solution for residential and hospitality market in Orion Serbia project.

What OTT means:
OTT in particular refers to content that arrives from a third party and is delivered to an end user device, leaving the internet provider responsible only for transporting IP packets. Consumers can access OTT content through internet-connected devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

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