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In today’s article, we put emphasis on the recommendation engine component of our ecosystem, provided by ThinkAnalytics.

ThinkAnalytics is the leading provider and most widely deployed real-time personalized content and recommendations engine in the market today, bringing together intelligent search with comprehensive media content recommendations. ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine broadens customers’​ tastes with a unique personalized experience for live linear TV, VOD and OTT, delivered through multiple platforms including the set-top box, Web, IPTV, tablet, mobile, and more.

ThinkAnalytics were awarded with an Emmy Award, recognized for its engineering creativity on “Personalized Recommendation Engines for Video Discovery (PREVD) for MVPDs”​. ThinkAnalytics’​ Recommendations Engine enables content providers, over-the-top providers and pay-TV operators to deliver highly personalized content recommendations that combine multiple sources of data (e.g. linear TV consumption, VOD, DVR, Web, tablets, mobile, social media, etc.). The platform, available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, is based on the industry’s most comprehensive data and text mining platform.

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As Media Systems Integrator, we collaborate with our strategically chosen partners that cover the video processing and delivery process from acquisition to distribution on clients’ devices. In addition, the Beenius Recommendation Dashboard enables Pay-TV operators to deliver content based on user preferences which reduce operator’s churn rates and result in higher user satisfaction. The recommendation system promotes live TV shows, Catch-up, and VOD content to each viewer based on their preferences. We have all the necessary relationships with 3rd party technology vendors, plugins, modules, and contacts so that operators’ time to the market reduces significantly!

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