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Ljubljana, April 2017 – Beenius, a provider of highly advanced Interactive TV platform proudly announces a release of Beenius Web Application Version 12.0-7.

Beenius Team has unveiled its latest version of the Beenius Web Application – Version 12.0-7. Beenius Web Application provides access to the service provider’s content in web browsers on PC or MAC computers. It gives the same advanced user experience as Beenius client applications with rich functionality and simple interactions. New features and significant improvements that have been incorporated into latest release follow market trends, needs, and operators’ demands.

The complete feature set of T-Commerce, EPG, Content Search, Network PVR (Program Recording, Pause & Resume), Live TV, Catch-up TV and Start-over TV are just a few of the new additions to the version 12.0-7. Web application powered by HTML 5 video player enables operators to implement all major DRM systems across various browsers in OTT environment. Video player supports both major OTT streaming protocols HLS and MPEG-DASH.

In 2016 around 42 % of all Netflix first, sign-ups were registered desktop or laptop users, stated Mr. Scott Mirer, VP of the device partner ecosystem at Netflix. At Beenius we understood the importance of web application for new subscribers, which is why we implemented new features that increased advanced user experience. Our goal was to create a web application in the way so that subscribers will use it regularly, as their interface of preference, stated Mr. Filip Remškar, CEO at Beenius.

Beenius has received positive reviews and confirmations from existing clients that are currently using Beenius Web Application, and so we knew that implementing new ideas into Version 12.0-7 will only add to the customer satisfaction, said Mr. Filip Remškar, CEO at Beenius.

This Web Application that is suitable for any OTT setup will put operators’ one step ahead of the competition and will fulfil viewers’ needs and demands for novel TV experience.

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