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ANGA COM 2018 Interview - Richard Downling, Director and VP Products at ThinkAnalytics

At Beenius we strongly believe in great partnerships, and we are happy the ties with our technology partner ThinkAnalytics have gotten even stronger.

In the second sequel of the Advanced Television interview from ANGA COM 2018, Beenius CEO, Mr. Filip Remškar and Richard Dowling, Director and VP of Products at ThinkAnalytics, talk about the benefits of the partnership and about the future of personalized content discovery.

Mr. Remškar points out:

At Beenius we want to utilize technology in the best manner and we never believed in the EPG. That’s why we have introduced, with partner Think Analytics, the enhanced way of viewing, where we push the content of preference to the interface of subscribers, so that they can have the chosen content a click away.

Mr. Dowling adds:

We now have two joint customers, one out live in the field, and one will be out very shortly. One of the things I would say about Beenius team and our guys, credit goes to both sides, that it has been one of the smoothes integrations I have ever worked and I’ve worked on many.

How do Beenius & ThinkAnalytics technologies work closely together?
Check out the video below and find out!

We invite you to see the solution video, contact us, and find out what was the first sequel of the interview all about.

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