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“By April 2015, there were 14 service providers in 9 countries in the Middle East and North Africa offering commercial IPTV services. Bahrain had the largest number of IPTV providers with 3 providers offering services in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia and the UAE followed with 2 service providers each,” said Arab Advisors senior research analyst, Hiba Al Atiyat.

It is clearl that as broadband internet expands in the Middle East and North Africa, IPTV adoption is increasing. Today service providers need to offer to their consumers an attractive content with significant control over that content, through services like time-shifting, catch-up TV, pause-and-resume TV, SVOD, and TVOD. All the mentioned features are provided by Beenius Interactive TV Platform and at the same time Beenius offers ability to switch user interface between Arabic (right-to-left), Persian (right-to-left), Latin (left-to-right) and Cyrillic (left-to-right) languages.

Switching between UI languages by end users is effortless. If the language change requires a change of script direction (e.g. from LTR to RTL), the appropriate skin is activated at the same time. When end user switches the UI language, translated are not only labels (texts) that appear in the UI but also the content metadata like live TV channel names and categories, purchasable product title (bundle of TV channels, TV channel, TV show, recording and Catch-up TV quota, package of on-demand movies, single VOD movie), description, metadata, and content genres. Even more, different channel background images, VOD posters, and live TV channel logos can be assigned to different translations, which enables e2e UI localization. Those images are changed when an UI language is changed.

With Beenius Interactive TV Platform service providers can focus on 420 million people around the world speak Arabic, and give them the best user experience also through Right–To–Left User Interface.

If you would like to have more information about Beenius Interactive TV Platform and all the available products, please contact Beenius Representative today!

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