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Source: Newsletter Think with Google


People are curios and don`t settle on information available only on TV. We want to know more; Where have I seen this actor before? What do others think of this movie? What are the results of other games played right now? What is the price of that new SUV? And hundreds of other questions that go through viewers minds while watching TV. And preferable go-to choice for answers? Smartphones and tablets!

According to Nielsen, American adults watch over 5 hours of TV per day, and they’re not doing it with their eyes glued to the tube. 84% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices as a second screen while they watch: 12% of them are reading discussions about TV shows on social media, and more than double that, 29%, are searching for show-related information.

Second-screen searches tell a lot about consumers as they can be used as a barometer for what people think, what they’re curious about, and what they want to explore while they’re watching TV. According to Google two-thirds of smartphone owners say they turn to their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial. And their analysis proves that carefully placed combination of TV adverts and real-time campaigns has a big impact on viewers.

Source: Think with Google

At Beenius we are very well aware of the viewers` need for more information related to content. With this in mind we have implemented a feature, called “Search on web”, to all applications from Beenius Everywhere Collection. With it viewers can simply search through relevant information without ever leaving Beenius application.

In case of having any additional questions or you are interested in Beenius Interactive TV Platform presentation, contact Beenius Sales Representative today!

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