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Beenius partner, Network Broadcast is once again organizing workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil and this year’s topic is about Integration and Innovation within a new solutions and business models suited to the current economic scenario.

With other participators such as Elemental Technologies, Beenius will demonstrate end–to-end solution of entire ecosystem. You will see how one platform for IPTV, OTT, and Hybrid ecosystem looks, feels and operates in the hands of end customer and how does it collaborates with VOD, DRM, headend and encoder providers in stable IPTV or OTT environment.

Beenius Interactive TV platform empowers operators with faster time to market of video offerings and higher customer satisfaction which brings additional revenue to the operator.

At workshop you will be able to discuss with Beenius representative about the latest N-Screen and social TV features on Android and Linux based platforms and take a tour of Beenius multi-user interface, T-Commerce support, Advertising Modul, Content Recommendations, VOD, Recordings and much more.

Workshop on Integration and Innovation will start on 3rd of August at 1:45 PM and will take place at Transamérica Executive Chácara Santo Antônio, Rua Américo Brasiliense 2163, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Don’t miss Beenius Live Demo presentations at 16:15 !

Watch the latest video of Beenius Android STB/Mobile Application!

android video

See you in Sao Paulo!

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