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Beenius Android TV App - Video

In this sneak peek video, we preseent the latest novelties and advantages of the Beenius Android TV app for operators, as well as their viewers.

We start the video with Targeted TV Advertising for operators. Targeted TV advertising with so called “server-side ad insertions” or “dynamic ad insertions “, helps boost brand positioning with customer segmentation.  

With client-side ad insertions operator can unleash additional revenue from selling advertising space inside their viewer’s interface, which is not breaching any content provider’s legal requirements. The TV operator can decide to start first presenting ads for cross-sell campaigns, and due to viewers analytics and results can unleash additional revenue from selling advertising space to other AD agencies.  

In the video we also put an emphasis on the viewer’s user experience and the easiness of managing the application and its personalization. By creating their own profile within the Android TV app, each member of the household can have its own personalized content gathered with just one click away. 

With Android TV app the clear difference between Live TV and VOD is blurred, as the viewer can play from the start any given content. The favorite content is given a special place in the viewer’s menu, which enables a quick and simple access. 

Finallythe Beenius Android TV App enables viewers to customize the home screen with their preferred Google Play applicationsThis way operators can offer to their viewers the best of both worlds. 

Step into the world of the Beenius Android TV App! 

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Beenius Team

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