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Support in the time of COVID-19

In all the uncertainty, fear, and chaos that the COVID-19 brought to the economy, industries, and households, it is genuinely revitalizing to read all the examples of humans helping each other.

The industry we operate in is ‘’massive’’, and we rarely hear of donations or any other type of support. However, with the quarantine that COVID-19 imposed almost worldwide, numerous operators are stepping out and being there for their customers, the viewers at home.

BH Telecom, offered their technology resources to the community and is broadcasting the home-schooling program for elementary and high school through their IPTV platform. In addition, in order to provide more efficient home-schooling broadcasting, BH Telecom offered the Enterprise Cloud resource, enabling the use of BH Telecom (IaaS) infrastructure for processing and storage of data, with all related elements of protection.

To ease the quarantine on the households, the Slovenian operators, Telecom SloveniaA1 SloveniaTelemach and T-2 are offering for free the otherwise payable channel packages.

In France, Canal + goes free for everyone on all boxes. And for their subscribers, they open access to all their Cinema, Series, Youth and Documentary channels.

As the COVID-19 affected the United States of America, the US telecommunications giant T-Mobile has announced that it will provide unlimited smartphone data across all mobile plans for current customers for the next 60 days during the spread of the novel coronavirus. As more people across the country work from home in this time of crisis, some internet service providers (ISPs) are pledging to raise broadband speeds, suspend data caps, and generally make life easier for all. Altice Advantage is offering 30 Mbps broadband service free for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who may be displaced due to school closures and who do not currently have home internet access. AT&T is removing data caps for its fixed internet service and offers a $10-a-month Access From AT&T program for qualifying low-income householdsInternet Essentials will increase speed from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps for all customers and new customers will receive two months of free service. Verizon recently increased speeds at no extra cost on some mid-tier FIOS services and removed data caps on its home internet broadband services. Verizon also offers a low-cost Lifeline plan for qualified families.

Stay safe,

The Beenius Team

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