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Castoola Partner of the month

In today’s article, we emphasize the Targeted TV Advertising component of our ecosystem, provided by Castoola. Built for operators, broadcasters and advertising agencies that want to utilize the added value from the technology, Castoola solutions are deisgned to open new revenue streams while allowing to target the right viewers at the right time with the right content, resulting in boosted viewer engagement and enhanced Ad conversion. This is achieved through Castoola’s expertise, advanced technology, and dedication to supporting their customers.

Castoola’s solution suite enables delivering the Addressable TV to all TV environments form IPTV, OTT to DVB-S/T/C (HbbTV).

With Castoola’s Targeted TV Advertising technology, operators can tap into a new revenue stream, improve the user experience with SSAI (Server Side Ad Insertion) or CSAI (Client Side Ad Insertion).

The benefits for the operators choosing Castoola’s solutions are:

  • Monetize live and on-demand multiscreen video with relevant advertising products
  • New business opportunity as inventory owner and seller
  • Integrating service with current linear TV and VOD
  • Upsell and cross-sell product and services
  • Upgrading subscription packages
  • Content promotion
  • New subscription model – AVOD

With Castoola’s Targeted TV Advertising technology, operators can tap into a new revenue stream, improve the user experience, and cut channel switching during commercials for up to 48%. On the other hand, advertising agencies can leverage by boosting the viewer attentiveness by 35% and ad engagement by 21%, enhanced ad conversion rates up to 30%, increased spontaneous ad recall by 10%, and improved purchase intent by 7%.

Due to their advanced and innovative business culture and technology, Castoola has been our strategic partner since 2018.

As Media Systems Integrator, we collaborate with our strategically chosen partners and we have all the necessary relationships with 3rd party technology vendors, plugins, modules and contacts so that operators’ time to market reduces significantly!

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your project’s requirements.

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