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Classic TV advertising is slowly declining as it is being replaced by programmatic TV ads lease on new technology platforms. Different studies deliver different numbers and values of the advertising dollars for the digital TV market. In the United States, for example, advertising on digital platforms accounted to around $ 50 billion in 2017 and by 2022, according to analysts’ estimates, this amount will exceed $ 100 billion.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the world of television advertising. Programmatic TV can target a single viewer. This means that audience targeting methods are changing and new metrics are entering the digital TV fieldsaid Mr. Igor Mali, COO at iPROM

Advertising markets and interactive advertising

Similar to the field of digital advertising two approaches will take off in the world of programmatic television, namely the open and closed markets. Open markets will allow renting of programmatically served TV ads virtually anywhere while closed or private markets will only be available to certain and often fore-chosen partners. Open markets will be all about real-time lease of advertising space and time to the highest bidder, while private markets will be primarily guaranteeing “premium viewers”.

Igor Mali, COO at iPROM explains: Imagine that advertisers receive information about preferences directly from the viewers and in real time. This information can make sure that viewers are not served ads they don’t find interesting but only the content they are interested in – at the right time and for the right thing(s). 

Programmatic ad lease will bring transparency, flexibility, ad optimization and efficiency. Advertising is no longer a one-way street and the use of interactive elements is enabled which one-way only impresses the viewer over a certain product or service but also takes him/her across the entire purchase process. From this point of view, the boundaries between digital and TV advertising are definitely being erased.


The future belongs to programmatic TV

Advertisers are looking for highly targeted and relevant communication as they want to know who exactly are they addressing and how. In addition, the smart data provided by digital TV platforms allows for extensive analytics; the knowledge and experience learned from digital advertising world can be used by advertisers in the case of programmatic TV as well.


Potential for even greater creativity

The programmatic lease of TV ads will allow the people that create them to bring their creativity to life in full. Advertising messages and creatives will be automatically adapted to the individual viewer as is the case with online advertising but the creatives and ad scripts themselves will still be created by people.



To learn more about  the world of television advertising and programmatic TV read the entire post by Mr. Igor Mail, COO at iPROM, or contact Beenius representative for a demo presentation on how Beenius Interactive TV Platform connects OTT, hybrid or multicast IPTV setups together into a complete, end-to-end solution.

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