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The Online Beenius Academy course, which provides a complete training for Beesmart Installation, Configuration and Administration, started on April 15th.

Online Beenius Academy course BS-TR-1-OL participants are being introduced to Beesmart and its core functionalities on their first day of training, followed by the configuration training and how to properly manage IPTV contents, subscribers, packages, and products on the second and third day.

The instructors of the Beenius Academy BS-TR-1 course are: Luka Kolonic, M.Sc., Senior Engineer at Beenius and Elena Ristova, Technical Sales Manager at Beenius.

Beenius Academy offers a great opportunity to receive complete training in a few days from the Beenius team specialists who founded and continue to develop Beesmart technology.

  • Participants receive complete training specifically tailored to enhance technical and business expertise.
  • Participants receive Beesmart Certification after completing the course.
  • Participants are given their own systems, which they can use for up to 30 days after the training program.
  • Beenius Academy offers a great opportunity for both engineering and sales teams to gain practical knowledge and know-how from Beenius specialists in the same areas.

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