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According to the Migration Policy Institute the U.S. has the largest number of global diaspora members of any country in the world. Among the top 10 largest diaspora populations in the United States are people from Germany, Ireland, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, France, Puerto Rico, Netherlands and China.

Different researchers are presenting that the use of TV among diaspora population is clearly hybrid as it is ‘diasporic’, ‘national’ and ‘global’ at the same time. Among diaspora adolescents, television plays an important role in the everyday contacts between peers and family members. Family relations and friendships are mediated through the discussions that surround diasporic, national and global television. Television use of diaspora adolescents articulates and shapes hybrid identities, friendships and family relations while it is also being defined by them.

If you are service provider targeting specific diaspora in U.S, Canada, Australia, Asia or everywhere in the Europe and you want to connect the viewers around the world with specific content through the Live TV channels or different VOD movies than Beenius Interactive TV platform is the solution you are looking for.

With Beenius TV platform your viewers can consume your content on different screens, different devices at different times or even at the same time. The viewers can use mobile devices to simply search, discover, and research the preferred content and then open and watch it on a TV screen.

Beenius TV Platform enables the translations to any language of user interface, the EPG, VOD categories and VOD movies metadata (such as movie title, description, name of director, actors, producers, etc). The translations are also possible of all live TV channel names and channel categories.

With Beenius Interactive TV Platform you can offer to your viewers the television which forms the important part among every diaspora community.

For more information about Beenius interactive TV platform contact Beenius Representative today!

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