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In 2012, middleware market grew 11 percent. The bulk of that growth came from developments in “guide software, metadata, and technologies underlying DVR and VOD“.

The middleware growth trend is hardly surprising given the cable industry’s current obsession with all new EPGs and multiscreen solutions.

As for where the middleware market is headed … more than 80 companies now license the RDK SW stack from hybrid QAM/IP in IP-only STBs and home gateways.

Beenius is the developer of Beesmart, interactive TV middleware for modern TV service operators that deliver the most exciting social TV experience to their subscribers.

Beenius sets new standards for TV applications by offering ultra fast user interface, intelligent content recommendation system, home media sharing, over-the-top support and ability to host multiple operators on a single service delivery platform.

Source for this blog is Light Reading article: TV Middleware Rising to Top

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