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Among all type of screens, the watching linear TV time has the highest increase in “first” screens – on traditional linear TV.

A few researches from Nielsen, comScore, Rentrak and other, show some highlights in broadcasting and cable.

Time, which viewers are spending in front of the traditional TV, has increased from 153:27 hours/month (2009) to 157:35 hours/month in 2013. The largest increases in hours have “watching video online” and “watching video on a mobile device”. People watch for 5:20 hours/month more in 2013, than they did in 2009. They also watch videos on smart phones almost 2 hours more per month this year, than they did 4 years ago.

As we may say, more and more people watch TV on smart devices and every year they spend more time for watching TV on smart devices.

Source for this blog/read more at c2meworld.com.

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