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It not a secret anymore that social networks have influence on how TV content is consumed by audience. The more people watch a show, the more inclined they are to talk about it on Twitter.

We can understand the sentence above as (and it is true): “the more tweets a show generates in Twitter, the more people will be inclined to watch it”.

An article says: “After a minute-by-minute analysis of 221 shows, the study arrived at the conclusion that close to half of them had been mentioned on Twitter and that a high number of tweets had contributed to increasing these shows’ audience ratings by 29%.”

Are those two platforms really so connected with each other? How does the Facebook (most popular social network) fit in picture?

Source for this blog: CMF-FMC.ca and Nielsen

“Nielsen used measurement tools provided by Social Guide – These tools calculate the influence that social networks have on television and form an integral part of future developments of Twitter, which—may it be recalled—acquired Bluefin Labs in February 2013.”

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