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As we wrote in our previously blog post that Twitter and TV viewing are connected, Nielsen launched Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings – the measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter.

The new measures are not only for authors (people tweeting about TV programs), but also for larger audience – people who actually view those Tweets.

Twitter TV audience for an episode is (average) 50 times larger than the authors who are generating tweets (if 2,000 people talk tweet about TV show, approximately 100,000 see their tweets).

Twitter conversation about Linear TV in the US has grown adequately over the past 2 years – “19 million unique people in the US composed 263 million Tweets about live TV in Q2 2013 alone, a 24% year-over-year increase in authors and a 38% increase in Tweet volume, according to SocialGuide

Read more (and source for this blog): Broadband TV News

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