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Imagine a scenario where you can from a single point of contact manage IPTV and OTT solution.

This scenario is easily  accomplished through Beenius Administration Application (Admin), a web-based application which enables you the fast and intuitive administration of overall content, from images, stream management, channel/movie metadata, pricing policy management with purchasable groups, subscriptions, and content categories.

As administrator you can ingest subscriber data and edit live TV, EPG feeds, and VOD content, manage content providers’ streams and images, applications, advertisements, promotions, translations, parental restrictions, define pricing policy packaging, and more. You can also oversee the connected devices for each subscriber and disconnect mobile and STB devices.

As a content administrator you can run BeeStore apps as SDK applications within a region and the individual administration for each application. For each region you can manage TV Promotions and Targeted Advertising as banners and video-clips.

One of the key Beenius Platform configurations is the system configuration, by which you can administer the settings concerning all operators on the platform and regional settings. You are enabled to manage many basic platform settings, from connections with other parts of the platform ecosystem, to different services and client settings.

To learn how the Beenius Administration Application supports security protocols and which are other management rights you are entitled to within The Beenius Admin, contact Beenius Representative and request a live Beenius demo.

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