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At Beenius we believe that ideas and information must be available without any limitations. Formatting strong partnership with operators and partners is imperative as well as understanding their struggles. We help the operators to achieve their vision and become viable partner on the market.

Operators want a satisfied viewers who would stay loyal to their services, but for that they need something in return, usually an excellent TV offering for a reasonable price. To be able to provide that, operators first need an Interactive TV platform. At Beenius we prepared unified platform for OTT, DVB-x hybrid, or multicast IPTV setups which lowers management and maintenance cost.

Why would any operator want to spend their valuable time managing two different platforms for IPTV and OTT solution to achieve one result – a satisfied viewer? Through Beenius Administration Application (Admin), a web-based application helps operators manage IPTV and OTT solution, the content, their subscribers and services all on one platform. With Beenius Interactive TV operators benefit from one platform as it brings them a significant cost and operational savings. On the other hand with Beenius TV platform viewers gain best TV experience and a sense of satisfaction in acquired product.

To build that strong cooperation with operators we have prepared the Beenius Licensing concept tailored to their needs. Beenius Licensing concept is tailored to each operators’ needs and supports the growth of their services in several dimensions. One dimension is the number of subscribers, another is the feature set, and the third is different client applications.

Whenever operators decide to upgrade their offer from pure IPTV to OTT or vice versa, with Beenius TV platform they have it all. We don’t determine how operators’ should run their business and in which developing process are they at the moment, we support the pace they set, in order to grow their business.

Write to us or visit us! We are glad to explain more about Beenius Interactive TV Platform and how you can become Viewers’ First Choice!

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