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Second screen

As TV advertisers were concerned about viewer’s habits of second screening – using a phone or a tablet while watching tv – a 2nd screening research made by media agency MediaCom and a technology company ViewersLogic has proven, that viewers are actually more likely to follow up on a commercial they see on the TV, even by 75 percent, when simultaneously using a mobile device.

While their second screen device can give them more information right away, and the follow up on the commercial can be instant, the effectiveness of the ad can be improved with higher follow up rates, more effective CTAs and better brand awareness. These results show the ease with which a viewer can access a website/app from the brand they’ve just seen on TV, using a mobile device.

In another surprising finding, people who saw adverts while second screening were observed as being more “brand aware” than those who weren’t second screening. One example tested found a 12 percent difference in brand awareness between those who were second screening during the ad exposure and those who were not.

As this is good news for linear TV DVB-X providers, Beenius Android TV platform, Hybrid platform and HbbTV solutions offer a step further with interactive, measurable and targeted advertising options with feedback also directly on TV set.

Read more why “second screening” makes ads more effective here.

If you want to know more about Beenius TV advertising solutions, please feel free to contact Beenius representative.


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