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At Beenius, we believe the future is in a Content oriented TV approach. Thus, we are introducing Beenius Recommendation Dashboard on Linux STB Application. The benefits are on both sides, operators’ and viewers’. The latter will have the best user experience, while operators will benefit from lower churn rate and their customers will reach higher satisfaction.

How does it work?

Firstly, recommendation engine generates content based on users’ preferences and consent. Secondly, like/dislike/favorite buttons are there to fire a call to the recommendation engine, which analyses the selections. Thirdly, on the shelves most watched mixed content is shown – Live TV, Catch-up TV and VOD are all on the same shelf.

What are the benefits?

  • personalization of content in every moment (day, time, preferences);
  • extension of viewing the number of channels, based on content recommendations;
  • promotion of the Catch-up & VOD TV services;
  • and more!

The recommendation dashboard helps viewers find personalized content, and at the same time boosts content sales and gains competitive advantage for operators.

Want to see the live Demo?

We invite you to book a meeting for the IBC Show 2017, where our team will showcase the Beenius Recommendation Dashboard. While waiting for September, check out a Sneak Peek video to get an idea of how the dashboard works.

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