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As you may have heard, within the next 10 years recommendation-based program guides will ultimately drive 75% of all TV viewing, (The Diffusion Group (TDG) reported recently).

But why wait for next 10 years to offer the best TV experience and to become viewers’ first choice?

The Beenius Platform today enables you to recommend TV programs and VOD content to your viewers with the support of User Statistics and Recommendation System.

Based on the viewers’ previous habits and interests, Recommendation System suggests live TV shows or VOD content to each viewer. The system can learn the prediction model, read the available TV content, and build a list of the five most interesting channels.

The Recommendation System powered by Beenius is the functionality which helps operators to move beyond the grid and enables them to use UI that reflects today’s viewing behavior.

Learn more about Recommendation System by contacting sales representative today, don’t wait for another 10 years to pass you by.


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