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Video on Demand (VOD) is one of the most used TV services which bring entertainment to the homes of TV users.

VOD service allows users to select and watch video content on their demand and is provided today as a service along basic functionalities such as improved content categorization (by language, genre, country, etc.) and multiple language, audio, or subtitle options. Are there additional opportunities to improve VOD services for the TV users?

Beesmart offers content recommendation for users to choose the movie they want to see at home or in a Global living room, using second screen device, such as smartphones and tablets. TV users decide when and what they would like to watch – from a menu offered by their TV provider. Video assets can be categorized to ease the selection and TV providers can define different packages of video assets for different models of billing.

VOD services supported by Beesmart technology enable video content categorization, video content packaging, billing records, multiple language and audio support, VOD content encryption and content recommendation. With Beesmart, TV users can also recommend videos or live shows to their buddies – friends know best what their friends like most!

But TV screen is not the only option for TV users to enjoy VOD. As second screen devices are becoming more popular every day, TV operators offer applications which allow TV users to enjoy VOD and Linear TV on their smartphones or tablets!

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