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OTT with Android STB? A buzzword or a new mainstream?


When it comes to Pay TV market, Linux has been dominating the STB business for ages. However, the Android STBs empowers operators with faster time market and more future proofed applications. It is understandable that operators are facing a tough decision when choosing what is best for their customers.

Join us for our webinar and learn which solution, Android STB or Linux STB best suits your projects and customers’ needs.


Klemen Logar, VP Sales at Beenius will present at the webinar:

  • Pros and cons of Android vs. Linux (Business and technical perspective);
  • Why should you choose Android STB?
  • How works the security of Android STB?
  • Android AOSP or Android TV? What is the difference?
  • How Beenius can help implement full End2End Interactive TV Platform?
  • Presenting our experiences with Android STB;


Register today for a webinar and secure your place!

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