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Television dominates global media consumption, and remains by far the most popular of all media globally, attracting 183.9 minutes of consumption a day in 2014 and 179.5 minutes per day in 2015, according to analysis made by ZenitOptimedia a leading global media services network.

The fact that television is staying the most popular of all media and that has already overtaken the Internet consumption shows the importance of providing the best TV packages for the subscribers. Today the operators are facing different challenges, just to name a few:

  • how to guarantee the premium TV experience through all the TV sets in the subscribers’ homes?
  • how to enable best TV consumption also with the low performance STB models?
  • how to offer the entertaining TV content also on “secondary” TV sets which are placed at subscriber bedrooms, children’s rooms or guestrooms?
  • and of course how not to raise the price of the subscription packages, but at the same time provide top TV experience through entire household?

To Beenius the operators’ challenges served as guidelines while creating new Beenius client application – Colibry.

We believe that Colibry is the answer to the operators’ concerns as it offers in one client application a selected set of features that are demanded by the subscriber today, and at the same time enables full N- screen usage on different Linux STBs.

With Colibry, operator is able to extend the lifetime of all existing STBs’ on “secondary” TVs in the subscribers home and still keep the pace with the latest technology and user experience. Colibry allows operator to offer best TV experience through entire home but not for the price of increasing the existing subscriptions packages.

To find out what more a Beenius client application Colibry has to offer please read our blog, visit Beenius web page or contact Beenius representative directly.


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