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Beenius works with many trusted partners who are enabling operators and service providers realize their vision in the IPTV/OTT segment. In 45 countries around the world,  we are helping service providers and operators to respond to their challenges with the help of Beenius Interactive TV Platform.  We strive to enable operators and service providers to become Viewers’ First Choice and consult them on how to overcome the obstacles and barriers on their way to success.

Through communication with our customers, we have encountered topmost struggles they are facing with today:

  • How to lower churn rate?
  • How to increase ARPU?
  • How to escalate time to market?
  • Where to look for a complete E2E solution?
  • How to lower maintaining costs of an existing system?
  • Who can offer future proofed solution?

12 % of customers switched providers because they didn’t believe their service provider had any way to acknowledge or reward their loyalty.
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Service providers are targeting newcomers on a daily basis.  Their marketing teams are producing new catchy slogans, and special pricings and new bundles are advertised daily.

But to lower churn rate, operator’s today need to have a strategy in place that also awards the existing customers and not only newcomers. Many operators or service providers are still very focused on quick-wins and gaining new customers by offering them irresistible joining-up rewards. But where the loyal customers fits in this picture?

There is a fact that should not be overseen. Churn doesn’t hit immediately. It happens at the end of customers” contract, especially if there has been a price increase of a package. To balance churn, operators should be doing what is right for the customer, every customer in their base.

To lower churn rate all you need to do is treat your new and existing the same.Twitter icon

In 2017, telecom operators should be moving beyond a one-size-fits-all mindset and should focus more towards personalized offers and incentives across different channels. Operators and service providers should establish their brand and offers as one that both new and existing customers do not want to leave. What we can offer, is to consult with E2E solutions, we deliver expertise in designing, integrating, building and maintaining turnkey solutions for  IPTV, OTT or Hybrid IPTV/OTT+DVB solutions.

Beenius products are built with the vision of operators to become Viewers` First Choice, with the help of the advanced solutions which are representing the maximum competitive advantage for their business.

If you want to tackle only one of the issues mentioned above or all of them at once, highly skilled team is here to support you and help you with future-proofed Interactive TV platform.

Contact us to discuss how we can solve your issues together or to request Beenius demo presentation.


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