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Find out, how can Cable TV operators provide Interactive TV features through classic cable network.  

A hybrid STB receives a DVB-C and/or DVB-T signal and an IP connection. A cable network with IP connectivity is a solution which provides or controls all the traditional IPTV services, such as live TV, radio, multiple audio and subtitle signals, EPG in several flavors, parental control, centralized search, Picture in Picture, mosaic channels, VOD, network PVR features, Pay TV, Web Access, and TV promotions.

Beenius has a solution, which covers all areas to deliver interactive TV services in hybrid fibre-coax environments:

  • Beesmart
  • Signal receiving
  • Video encoding
  • Digital rights management
  • Signal Encryption
  • Set-top boxes – hybrid DVB-C/IP or pure IP
  • Content on demand with services like Time Shift TV and recordings
  • Operation and business support system integration
  • Monitoring system
  • Professional services
  • Beenius Academy

Beenius client is within this solution locally loaded in several STBs:
Dune HD,
etc. …

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These STBs in addition with IP connectivity, also allow DVB-C or/and DVB-T signal. A win-win combination for happy subscribers!

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