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Spring is in full swing!

Sun is shining and the temperature is just right. It’s perfect time to join Academy courses ON-SITE and pay a visit to Slovenia.






Beenius offers you 3 types of courses:

Beesmart Installation, Configuration, and Administration is perfect for course for System Administrators, Database Administrators, IPTV Experts, Developers, and Application Developers.

SDK enables that operator can create its own services and products, and integrate popular Internet services and social networks, accessible from TV, PC or mobile. Course will fits to all kinds of developers (Web, Applications).

Beesmart Sales Enablement course is prepared especially for sales and channel partners, who want to know more about Beesmart and its benefits for the customers.

Beenius Academy
It’s not just a knowledge you get, but also personal approach and new acquaintances during courses


If you would like to attempt, complete the registration form or contact us by email marketing@beenius.tv.



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