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Beenius’ Platform 8 forms synergies in eight different segments that represent the platform: trustworthiness, coherency, security, personalization, simplicity, recommendation, monetization, and growth. Each segment embodies value-added features and presents benefits for operators to become viewers’ first choice.


Beenius offers consulting services to operators of E2E solutions, including: designing, integration, building, and maintaining turnkey solutions. Beenius provides TV operators with advanced offers that give the maximum competitive advantage for their business. At Beenius, we tailor E2E solutions for each provider according to their data, and by understanding their audience.
Beenius works to increase the efficiency of data processing and improve our clients’ overall server performance. We find ways to provide better user experience, and at the same time lower the total cost of ownership for TV operators.


Beenius Platform 8 is the central component of an interactive TV ecosystem, enabling simple platform management via different APIs. Whether for OTT, hybrid, or multicast IPTV setups, Beenius connects all of the parts into a complete, end-to-end solution. On the server side, Beenius integrates with DRM, VOD, EPG, provisioning, and billing systems, and provides all of this information and functioning to end users’ devices. On the client side, Beenius client applications connect subscribers over any access network to a unique interactive TV service.


Together with professional DRM/CAS value-added partners, Beenius enables platform security and fully secured content for the operator.
Beenius Platform 8 supports a token content security mechanism which ensures basic conditional access functionality. This is achieved by the authorization of client devices, where access to content is only allowed to authorized subscribers. An API provided by Beenius empowers operators to have full control of the external generator.


Beenius Platform 8 allows TV operators to adjust multiple subtitles and audio sources from which end users can choose. Additional end users can configure UI language according to their preferences, which makes the entire experience more personalized.
Network PVR supports a Catch-up TV time span, Re-start of live TV, and Pause and Resume of live TV on an already recorded show. NPVR program recording is enabled for single show or series recordings. An end user can schedule a Network PVR program or instant recording on any device (including N-Screen devices), and can later watch the same recording on any device.
Beenius Platform 8 provides a simple way to customize the UI on Beenius’ client applications. In this way, a service provider can have a customized design that is consistent with its corporate identity. It is possible to define colors, icons, logos, backgrounds, etc. Customization is possible on client applications, Android-based STB, Android-based TV, and on mobile devices.


Beenius Platform 8 presents a major benefit for TV operators to optimize storage space. A separate recording is no longer created with the Pause and Resume feature (and/or Program Recording feature), but it is stored within the Catch-up TV service record.
When end users are watching a Catch-up TV recording of their favorite movie, and the end of the recording is reached, the play-out of the upcoming show starts automatically enabling the end-user to watch TV uninterrupted.
Beenius Platform 8 offers an administration portal that gives TV operators more comfortable and accessible controls. It provides status reports of subscribers and devices, freemium subscription management, T-Commerce hierarchy, a vast pallet of color settings, and much more. TV providers can easily manage subscribers, content, devices, subscriptions, and T-Commerce.


Beenius Recommendation Dashboard enables Pay-TV operators to: deliver content based on user preferences, lower operator churn rates, and results in higher user satisfaction. The recommendation system promotes live TV shows, Catch-up, and VOD content to each viewer based on their preferences. Integrated with a leading technology partner, Beenius Platform 8 offers a future-proof solution for any TV operator looking for advanced ways of providing TV content.


Within Platform 8, Time Span recording can be configured selectively per channel and per subscriber. With this improvement, subscribers can have different groups of channels with different Catch-up TV time spans.
Beenius Platform 8 enables operators to offer end-users purchasable content as an individual movie or as a package of movies. Each movie can be offered in different variants, in different quality or audio languages, and for different prices. The TV operator can set different prices for the various options (e.g. SD/HD).
T-Commerce enables TV operators to sell different content packages, service upgrades, and subscriptions directly on TV screens. This gives operators possibilities to structure commercial offers more efficiently, and at the same time enables viewer’s more comfortable access to additional content and services with a single click. The result is higher customer satisfaction, while also bringing additional revenue to the operator.
TV is still the first choice for advertisers to reach their target groups and to build brand awareness. The advertising module helps operators reach their viewers more efficiently with relevant ads. Advertising options available in Beenius Platform 8 are, a full-screen picture ad on the login screen, the link for a video ad of multiple products, or presenting a desired video ad for any chosen product to targeted audience groups at different time intervals.


Beenius Platform 8 supports the freemium business model, and enables users who are currently not subscribers of the operator’s services to access some content by signing up with their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.
Beenius Platform 8 helps operators grow their customer base by offering their services with limited content and a limited time span for free. Once a customer wishes to access additional content or premium features, the operator can upgrade the viewer to a paying customer, thereby growing their customer base.
This feature enables end users to share details about the shows they are watching via social media channels. This way operators increase their brand awareness and subscribers growth rate.