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Customer: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (Russia)
Project: Campus IPTV System




Beesmart IPTV middleware was chosen to replace the existing competitive IPTV solution at Sahalin Energy Investment Company in Russia. One of the most challenging requirements was to make the integration of the new platform truly seamless, without interrupting services. All these goals (a modern IPTV service delivery platform with a fast and responsive user interface, telco-grade reliability and scalability, support for existing and new set-top boxes, packaging of live and on-demand content, support for time-shift TV and catch-up TV) and customer requirements were achieved by Beenius together with the Russian system integration partner New Systems Telecom.

SEIC’s IPTV system consists of a head-end with more than 10 IRDs receiving the digital TV signal from several satellites, a redundant middleware server, and more than 1.5k active end-user devices of six types. Upgrade to time-shift and catch-up service is planned in the near future.

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